Little Dusty came to me in Sept. of 99. She had been dropped off at my Vets' to be put to sleep. None of the three vets in the practice could bring themselves to do it. Finally one of them remembered that I was doing Sheltie Rescue and called me. I told them I'd be glad to foster her. Dusty is 9 years old. She's 12" tall and was 12" wide when I picked her up. She weighed in a a
whopping 22 lbs. She could hardly walk. She had no hair on her hind legs or tail and the rest of her coat had thousands of tiny matts. But she's the cutest little thing I'd ever seen and I fell in love and kept her for myself! She had been an only dog, living with a very elderly woman now she's one of 6. She goes out with me to do the chores everyday and runs and jumps and chases the sheep! One day, during breeding season a big old boy came up behind her and snuffled her butt. She spun around on him and the stand off began. Twelve inches of fluff staring down 270 lbs. of testosterone! She flew around behind him and nipped him in the hocks! She's caught on to this
country life in a really big way. What a girl!  I'm so glad the vets couldn't put her down. I love those guys!

Kathy Morgan