This square was designed by Pam Lemke as a tribute to shelties and therapy dogs. The dog pictured is owned by Dianne and Dan Roark whose story is follows:

"The role of 'therapy dog' came naturally to Laddie-he just needed a human to take him to the various facilities so he could do his work.  It is such a blessing to see him work his magic and turn tears to smiles.  It is awesome to see the reaction of a comatose patient, as the blood pressure and breathing change as the patient's hand is guided in a stroking motion across Laddie's soft fur.  Because Laddie is small, calm, and non-threatening, we have witnessed dog-bite victims responding positively to a visit from Laddie, and relaxing to the point of wanting to give Laddie treats-from their hands! Young or old, weak or strong, sick or well, people just perk up when Laddie comes into a room.  He has friends from California (where he was born and began his career) to Mississippi (where he now lives and works his wonders). He really is a gift from God!  Laddie is certified through Therapy Dogs Incorporated."

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